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How To Style Up Your French Cuffs Without a Tie

Can you rock your French cuff dress shirts without using a tie? Now that’s a question most men have been asking. The answer? A definite yes. Whether you are going to work on a typical Monday morning, or going out with your buddies on a Friday night, you can certainly forgo the tie when wearing shirts with French cuffs.

A French cuff dress shirt could…


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How to Prevent Stress Before it Starts

Why are weddings so wonderful, yet so stressful? It drives us to break down in tears over a bouquet of flowers, pull all-nighters when we should be getting “beauty sleep,” and even snap at our perfect fiances. If you didn’t hire a wedding planner, eloping starts to sound like a really good idea after even just a month or two.…


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8 Bridal Bouquet Styles – Choose Your Wedding Style

The first (and most important) step in wedding planning is choosing your style. Here are 8 bouquet styles to get you started. Scroll down to find the style that you love. Share that style with your florist and other wedding vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. For more examples search that style to find your perfect wedding theme. We’re kicking off with our fave style,…


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Top 4 Qualities That Make Professional Wedding Photographers Desirable

Wedding photography is not merely a service, but is a sure-fire guarantee to an event that is likely to stay forever with the people who become part of it. Organizers as well as attendees devise ways to make the occasion special for everybody and photography sessions are part of such efforts. Here are the top 4 qualities in a wedding photographer Singapore that make him an indispensable part of the d-day.

  • Professional approach but…

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Your First House — A Foreclosure?

If you and your future spouse are creative and good with tools, a foreclosure can make the perfect first home. If you’re worried, keep in mind that foreclosure laws do not prevent you from buying a foreclosure as your first home. Anyone can buy a foreclosed home without restriction. Here are some other helpful tips:…


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4 Unexpected Honeymoon Destinations That Won't Break The Bank

Image Source: Pexels

Your honeymoon is a time when you can enjoy learning more about your new spouse. It's a time to relax after all of the wedding planning and celebrating with family and friends. Some newlyweds spend quite a bit of…


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5 Ideas to Enhance Your Wedding Lighting

When it comes to event design and especially weddings, one of the most important and underappreciated aspects is lighting. How you light up the room can change its feel, highlight what you want people to focus on, and hide what you do not want them to see. When it comes to lighting up your wedding, you have several different elements that you should consider as follows:

  1. Uplighting – Many times this tends to be colored light that is then projected from a unit that has been placed…

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Crop-Top Lehengas : Go Fashion Forward and More

Crop-top lehengas make for brilliant sartorial fusion. Talk about marrying the zing of the classic crop-top with the traditional spunk of lehenga and you get a crop top lehenga. They are best worn in traditional ceremonies such as weddings or engagement parties. They are vibrant, youthful, fashionable and a lot of fun!

Who wear it?…


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5 Incredible Benefits of Having a Wedding Film

A wedding is one of the most memorable and important events in our lives. In the past, people did not have ways of permanently preserving the precious moments in their lives. With modern technology, people can now preserve these moments and check them out whenever they want.  A nuptials video is a crucial keepsake that couples will cherish for years to come. Here are some benefits of professionally producing your wedding video.

·         Special moments

Most weddings involve…


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How to Make Your Honeymoon Night Something Extra Spectacular

The first night of your honeymoon is rife with anticipation. Even if the wedding, reception and traveling have you feeling a little tired, it is worthwhile to spend the time and energy to make your honeymoon night something special. Try these for tips to turn an ordinary night into something spectacular.

Enjoy a Romantic Meal and an Adult…


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So you think you can dance

The first dance is an important focal point of any Asian wedding celebration and it can be difficult to find the perfect song that is meaningful and personal to you both.

Choosing the perfect first dance song for your wedding can sometimes present a challenge, as finding the perfect song with the right combination of Eastern and Western influences can be difficult. The song you choose will be the accompaniment to your first dance video which you will be able to enjoy again and again…


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Most Romantic Places to Have Your Dream Wedding

Picking out a dream wedding venue is not an easy task. This is especially true if you have in mind a destination wedding that would require you and all the guests to travel to another city or country. In the sea of the most beautiful destinations, it can be challenging to opt for just one. However, each one of them is unique and offers diverse venues that can guarantee a fairy tale wedding.…


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Top 10 Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Asia

The times are a-changin’ and so are honeymoon ideas. Newlyweds now seek adventure along with romance; they want to visit exciting locations and indulge in exotic cuisines. Asia offers an exciting array of honeymoon destinations and activities for the young and restless. Here is a host of exciting activities at luxury Asia honeymoon vacation spots that will soon have you and your significant other packing your bags.…


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Trendy Neck Designs For Blouses

Saree the Indian traditional wear remains incomplete without a good blouse. In fact, the blouse works as a complementary element that completes a saree and therefore this is given as much importance as a saree. At the present time, women don’t believe in wearing just something simple. Therefore, the neck designs of blouses play important role in making the blouses unique and with a unique blouse style, even a…


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