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Personalized gifts for your bridal party

With weddings come great friendships - and this definately shows when you are picking your bridal party. Over the years we have been providing personalized gifts to brides who want to show their nearest and dearest how much they mean to them. With each piece individually designed and custom made, it's really a piece that gets cherished forever. We believe that everyone is unique in their own special way and want the…


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4 Tips to Pull off a Magical Summer Wedding

It's normal to want a fairytale wedding. However, it can sometimes be hard to figure out ways to add a bit of magic in a nonmagical world. If you're looking to add something a little more fantastical to your wedding, try the four tips below. 

Reception Party Under the Stars

There are few things more magical than a starry night. If you…


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How to Choose Between 5 Types of Wedding Registries

How to Choose Between 5 Types of Wedding Registries
Presents. Theoretically, they're meant to be one of the best parts of the wedding aftermath, but when you're unwrapping the fifteenth set of monogrammed tea towels in a color you don't even like, you might find yourself questioning…

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Wedding Preparation Tips: Venue And Clothing

The perfect wedding requires major planning. Since you have finite time and resources, make sure to prioritize things that can make the most impact. These should include the venue and the clothing for the event. Talk to experienced planners for advice. Below are some tips to get you started:

Tips for the Wedding Reception Venue



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6 Rather Nifty Ways to Decorate Your Wedding

This special day should be all about the bride and groom, it is the day when their love should shine the most, but when the decoration doesn't bring out the sparkle in bride's eye then you need to spruce it up. Food, bend, location, and venue are all pivotal points for the wedding, however, unless the decoration isn't just right, the general outlook could go ballistic. If you are in a tight budget, and if you are feeling a little bit creative and imaginative,…


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Read This Before Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Weddings have a crucial aspect that needs the primary attention of every bride around the world: jewelry. Opting for the right thing is difficult and can be overwhelming as well. Certainly, aiming to buy bridal jewelry in Australia is more comfortable when we have an appropriate guide to help us with…


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Look various material rings before investing your money

There are many women who love to collect various jewelries of various designs so that they can wear them on special occasions. Most of the women like to buy some beautiful rings which are made up of various kinds of metals. If you want to pair your desirable dress with amazing accessories then rings are considered as one of the best solutions for you to add some uniqueness to your appearance. Rings also come in various shapes and sizes thus you can buy your desirable design of the ring which…


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Ways to Prepare Yourself for Wedding Season (Because of SO Many Weddings)

Attending a joyous occasion such as a wedding is quite exciting. Unless you’re attending quite a few weddings this season! Then you can get overwhelmed by many questions such as: “What should I wear?”, “How about my make-up and hair?”, “What colour should I paint my nails?” and so on. Getting yourself prepared for a wedding isn’t an easy process. Luckily, there are…


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A Modern Twist on Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are some of the most romantic settings out there due to their intricate detail and history. But there’s a new trend on the rise that’s adding a new, modern twist to these heirloom rings. Lab-grown diamonds have stepped onto the scene and made a big splash, but the juxtaposition of coupling them with vintage settings is catching the eyes of many couples. See why people are loving this conflict-free mined diamond alternative. Plus, browse some of the most sought-after…


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Nine French pharmacy beauty brands that you can buy in the USA

Beauty and skin care products from France rank as great quality products and are available at insanely cheaper prices in the US. The quality versus price ratio for French beauty products is unbeatable. As if not enough, you can find different French Pharmacy skin care products suitable for every concern and needs. In this post, we take a quick look at nine of the best French beauty products available in the US today. Keep reading to find…


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How to Organize a Perfect Wedding in Hong Kong

Whether you live in Hong Kong, or you’re looking to organize a destination wedding, there are so many amazing locations and opportunities for the best wedding imaginable. So, if you’re looking to organize a wedding in HK, here are all the things you need to consider.…


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A Bride’s Guide for Glowing Healthy Hair and Nails

When you’re getting married, you want to be the beautiful bride that you see in magazines. One of the most important parts of looking great on your wedding day is to have healthy, glowing skin and shining hair. You put thousands of dollars into your dress, hair, and makeup, but you should really start with the perfect canvas. Getting beautiful hair…


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Make Every Auspicious Event Better Than Ever

Houston residents can now organize the most memorable occasions, ranging from weddings to corporate dinners, very efficiently and economically by hiring the services of a planner who specializes in making festivities even more joyous.

Going to a 9 to 5 job, solving a plethora of corporate problems, attempting to detangle the situations we are presented within our professional and personal lives, all of these monotonous activities tend to wear us out. There has been a recent…


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How To Entertain Children At A Wedding

Having children at your wedding is something that is still heavily debated. Some are completely against the…


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Fund your Dream Wedding Quickly with a Loan Against Property

Weddings in India are an elaborate affair. The wedding industry in India is estimated to be over Rs. 1 Lakh Crore, and an average person spends about a fifth of his/her lifetime income on their own wedding and/or that of their children.

Given the high expenses involved in Indian weddings, it is expected to put one under a lot of financial burden. Funding it…


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Tips On Cooking Seafood - Cod on Wedding

Crosswise over numerous conventional ling cod angling territories in the Northern Atlantic supplies are dwindling for various reasons, one of which being the sum gotten. Amounts are presently in power in numerous zones, and strenuous endeavors are being directed to make the cultivating of Cod reasonable. This relative lack has opened up open doors for other fish from a similar family, for example, Pollock and Ling, the two of…


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Things You Should Not Miss Out on While Setting Up Bridal Bouquets

Weddings are an extremely special day and every bride wishes that it becomes perfect. From the dress to the decorations, everything should follow the theme and mood chosen by the bride and groom. An important aspect of weddings is definitely the bridal bouquets. It is extremely meaningful and special as each flower in the bouquet tends to signify different meanings that the bride wishes to convey. Moreover, they need to look gorgeous and aesthetic to fit with the…


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Checkered Flag Wedding Ring in Titanium

This is a great ring for the racing enthusiast. Flags are used in auto racing and most flags have become standardized across Motorsports. A checkered flag is used to indicate that the race has ended. Once that flag is displayed at the start/finish line, as each driver crosses that line, he or she must slow down and return to his or her…


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What You Should Know Before Choosing A Catering Service Provider

When you and your loved one is all set to tie the knot, the next thing which needs focus is the ceremony. Every country has people coming from varied cultures. Irrespective of the cultural background people love sharing the news with their near ones by holding a wedding ceremony or an event. The large portion of the budget which we have set in a wedding is usually consumed in the food section. Recruiting the right wedding catering team is important to save up on…


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How To Write Warm And Unique Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is the formal introduction to your impending nuptials. In many situations, the arrival of personalised wedding invitations in the post is how most guests initially hear of your wedding plans. To create the perfect presentation, it’s important to write warm and unique wedding invitations that capture and reflect the love and romance of your relationship.…


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