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Furniture Fanatic: 3 Moving Methods To Minimize Damage

Moving in together after getting married is exciting and can also be stressful. You’re practically uprooting your entire life, putting it in the back of a van, and hauling it to an unfamiliar location. It gets even worse if you have valuable furniture that you don’t want to damage. Fortunately, there are ways to pack even the most delicate living room set that should…


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Play It Smart: Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Prenup Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are in high demand for quite some time now. Surveys showed that in the last 20 years the prenup demand was increased fivefold, and especially among the younger married couples. That is all due to the high divorce rate…


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Best Wedding Designers

When it comes to the design of wedding dress, it matters a lot. Design of the wedding dress must perfectly match the personality of the bride. Here Comes The Bride is one of the famous bridal stores in San Diego which houses the finest collections of wedding dresses designed by famous world-class bridal designers. These designers are dedicated to bringing a deluxe variety of bridal dresses and gowns. Some of our designers…


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7 Immensely Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

There is no need to point out that you will want to remember every single second of your wedding for the rest of your life. In order to achieve that, you can choose to film the entire wedding, or take an insane amount of pictures, but even that will not be able to capture the entire day. Instead of focusing on the quantity of your wedding photos, why not focus on their quality, and try to capture unique and breathtaking photos, that will one day be able to transport you right…


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Picture Perfect Decorations for a Dream Wedding – 4 Budget Friendly Ideas for You

Are you getting hitched anytime soon? If yes, then you must be quite busy now making all the arrangements for the D-day that you have been waiting for. Everything should be perfect for the celebration of the biggest day of your life. But while you are looking for such perfection, you surely realize that you will have to spend a lot of money. If you are thinking of saving a bit so that in future, life will be easier for you and your spouse, then you are not wrong at all. But the question is…


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10 Steps to Planning a Destination Wedding in Spain

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task. From finding the perfect wedding venue to booking the perfect wedding photographer and everything in between planning a destination wedding in Spain can be a lot of work- at least the payoff is worth it? Right?

Step One:  Announce the Engagement!

There are many different ways to announce to your friends and family that you and your partner are engaged. Post it on your social media, take out a billboard, call…


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What Happens to Your Will When You Get Married?


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A Groom's Guide to Asking Your Bros to be Your Entourage

On your big day, wouldn’t you want to have your best bros standing with you by the altar? There are a lot of responsibilities tied to being a groomsman and, because of that, asking your buddies to be part of your entourage can sometimes be challenging.

How you should ask, when you should ask, where you should ask - there are a lot of factors involved. Luckily, we’ve prepared a guide for you that will help you out in asking your buds to be your groomsmen. Here are a few…


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Beautiful Fall Wedding - Red Hawk Golf Course - Sparks NV

We spend some amazing weekends with beautiful couples and for this wedding it was no exception. Courtney and Stephen were married on a beautiful September afternoon at the Red Hawk Golf Course in Sparks, NV. The wedding was small and sweet and filled with so much love and joy. The family came together to celebrate this day which was a long time coming.  This beautiful couple said " I Do"  with  a lovely back drop of tree's…


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A Guide to Enjoying the Perfect Wedding in Northern Ireland

  • The wedding experience

The wedding day really is a rollercoaster of emotions and reunions; indeed a rare chance for friends and families to unite with one common aim, to celebrate the marriage of two very happy people.

However, the wedding experience is not just canned in to that one important day; there’s the months of build-up, preparation and expectation. A veritable whirlwind of activity culminating in that one…


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Are Wedding Planners responsible for Vendors' Performance?

Let’s first start off with explaining the role of a Wedding Planner and a definition I particularly love, from Planner, Lindsay Landman, “An event or wedding planner is a logistical strategist and organizational mastermind.” 

Wedding Planners are hired to oversee the conceptualisation, planning...Continue with the article here: …


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Amazing San Diego Wedding Venues

Organizing a wedding in San Diego can be quite a challenge for one reason – it’s extremely difficult to choose between so many stunning venues. With such a good climate, every day seems to be perfect for a wedding, so you won’t have much problem there. Lovely weather with so much sun and amazing light plus a breathtaking venue sound like a recipe for an unforgettable wedding immortalized in incredible photos.…


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Diamond Ring Style Guide

Diamond Ring Style GUide

Diamond Ring Style Guide created by Casting House. Now that you know more about the different styles of engagement rings, its time to start shopping. While shopping for diamond rings can be expensive, there are many things you can to to…

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First Home: How Newlyweds Find Respectable, Affordable Housing

All newlyweds dream of a happily ever after once they have tied the knot. However, the next big step involves finding respectable and affordable housing where they can make a home and start a family. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, finding decent housing can make for a daunting task owing to the high property prices. This is why the process requires careful…


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DIY Disney Themed Wedding - Rough and Ready Vineyards - Grassvalley, Ca

Sarah and Stephen were married on a beautiful September afternoon at the Rough and Ready Vineyards in Grassvalley, Ca. They had family and friends from near and far to join in on the festivities. The day was jam packed with laughter and tears. The theme for the wedding was Beauty and the Beast and the little Disney details were all around. Stephen's Aunt made lanterns for all of the tables with the couples favorite Disney rides on them. The groom's men had…


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Honeymoon in Sweden: 5 essential destinations

Sweden is a country where unspoilt nature awaits you in Swedish Lapland, unique landscapes in the Arctic polar circle, cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm or wonderful archipelagos. Wearing you gorgeous A-line wedding dresses. It is an unforgettable destination!

If you are nature lovers and are looking for a dream trip for your honeymoon, Sweden is an option to consider. It does not matter if you go in summer or in winter. Every season is amazing. Do not miss everything you can…


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Tips to buy bridesmaid dresses

There are various kinds of bridesmaid dresses. Short, long, knee length and tea length bridesmaid dresses. Of course, it is not easy to select a nice and suitable bridesmaids dresses. When the bride confirms her wedding dress. She will inform her bridesmaids that there are some requirements. For the style and color of bridesmaid dresses, then the bridesmaids will search for suitable dresses. Season, wedding venue, wedding dresses will…


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Things that Affect How You Dress

There are many forces, within and without, that affect the way we dress. Looking good is a goal for many people when dressing, but you may find yourself pushed to keep off from the looking good part of the tale.


Style goes beyond what you wear. It can be described more in how you wear your clothes, and the statement you try to pass in your dressing code. Dressing is a way of creating our identity and our personality to people. It is one of the most powerful ways that you can…


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Socks Craze- Know Something or Two

Of all the musing that most women have heard from men, the craze that men have for their socks goes out loudest. You just love neat socks, quality fabric, and great colors. The worst comes to the part when you are asked to explain why you do not have your common coin saving sense when buying socks.


You know that you cannot help the great feeling when you cross your legs to show off the great pair that stocks your drum sticks. Humorously, you may even get offended or…


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Useful Tipsfor an Engagement Photoshoot?

If you’re recently engaged, chances are that you will want to have an engagement photoshoot. It is a great opportunity to show off your new ring and your happiness and preserve it for years to come.

However, there are some basic rules you should follow when it comes to a successful engagement photoshoot. Everything from the time of day to your clothes and the location…


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