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Limo Service or Rent a Car for Wedding: Which One Should You Choose on Your Trip

If you’re planning a business trip or a vacation, the issue of transportation has undoubtedly come up on your list. Since public transport is often too difficult and tedious to navigate, you’ve probably boiled it down to car rental or hiring a professional chauffeur service.

Both options have their good and bad sides, and if you choose either of them you are going to have to do some research. With all the other decisions you have to…


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A Guide to Hiring a Live Wedding Band for Music

She said yes! The wedding bells are ringing and you are soon walking with the love of your life down the aisle. The preparation is on the brink of completion and so many things hang in the balance. People may feel that not all the things are going the right way, especially if you did not hire the services of a wedding planner. Key ingredients to a successful wedding include the groom, the bride, the priest, the rings, the food, and the music. Here is a guide on how you can choose the perfect…


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A Guide to Enjoying the Perfect Wedding in Northern Ireland

  • The wedding experience

The wedding day really is a rollercoaster of emotions and reunions; indeed a rare chance for friends and families to unite with one common aim, to celebrate the marriage of two very happy people.

However, the wedding experience is not just canned in to that one important day; there’s the months of build-up, preparation and expectation. A veritable whirlwind of activity culminating in that one…


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Amazing San Diego Wedding Venues

Organizing a wedding in San Diego can be quite a challenge for one reason – it’s extremely difficult to choose between so many stunning venues. With such a good climate, every day seems to be perfect for a wedding, so you won’t have much problem there. Lovely weather with so much sun and amazing light plus a breathtaking venue sound like a recipe for an unforgettable wedding immortalized in incredible photos.…


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Things that Affect How You Dress

There are many forces, within and without, that affect the way we dress. Looking good is a goal for many people when dressing, but you may find yourself pushed to keep off from the looking good part of the tale.


Style goes beyond what you wear. It can be described more in how you wear your clothes, and the statement you try to pass in your dressing code. Dressing is a way of creating our identity and our personality to people. It is one of the most powerful ways that you can…


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Socks Craze- Know Something or Two

Of all the musing that most women have heard from men, the craze that men have for their socks goes out loudest. You just love neat socks, quality fabric, and great colors. The worst comes to the part when you are asked to explain why you do not have your common coin saving sense when buying socks.


You know that you cannot help the great feeling when you cross your legs to show off the great pair that stocks your drum sticks. Humorously, you may even get offended or…


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Useful Tipsfor an Engagement Photoshoot?

If you’re recently engaged, chances are that you will want to have an engagement photoshoot. It is a great opportunity to show off your new ring and your happiness and preserve it for years to come.

However, there are some basic rules you should follow when it comes to a successful engagement photoshoot. Everything from the time of day to your clothes and the location…


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Tips For Composing The Wedding Best Man Speeches

The best man and the father of the lady of the hour's speeches are the two most expected talks in a wedding function. So you have a great deal to satisfy. Your part as the best man itself promises you a decent lot of consideration so your discourse should convey. This is conceivable with a tiny bit of exertion on your part. Plan your best man addresses well ahead so you can overwhelm everyone's desires and have a ball also. Best man wedding addresses on the fly are truly not recommended..…


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Showcase Your Personal Style With These Unique Wedding Dresses

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to show off your own unique style. Instead of sticking with a traditional gown, why not try something with a little bit more personality? There are a lot of beautiful options out there that can help you make a one-of-a-kind statement on your wedding day.

Pale Ombre Gowns

If white gowns are too traditional but…


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Top 4 Qualities That Make Professional Wedding Photographers Desirable

Wedding photography is not merely a service, but is a sure-fire guarantee to an event that is likely to stay forever with the people who become part of it. Organizers as well as attendees devise ways to make the occasion special for everybody and photography sessions are part of such efforts. Here are the top 4 qualities in a wedding photographer Singapore that make him an indispensable part of the d-day.

  • Professional approach but…

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So you think you can dance

The first dance is an important focal point of any Asian wedding celebration and it can be difficult to find the perfect song that is meaningful and personal to you both.

Choosing the perfect first dance song for your wedding can sometimes present a challenge, as finding the perfect song with the right combination of Eastern and Western influences can be difficult. The song you choose will be the accompaniment to your first dance video which you will be able to enjoy again and again…


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How Quality Matchmaking Agencies Work in London

With the improvement of digitalization, we have seen a variety of changes in our lifestyle. From banking to shopping, we do everything online now. Just like the same way, many people use the online dating sites and apps for finding their soulmate. At least, they had tried it. A study made from 2005 to 2012 has shown that one out of three peoples gets married to the person he or she has found online.…


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Wedding Albums – Who Needs One In Today’s Digital World?

Photographers generally deliver you memory stick that has all of the photos that they took. 


Would you bring out your laptop with a guest at your house to flip through hundreds of photos from your wedding day?  Nope, your wedding photos will remain on that memory stick for years and your photos will never be enjoyed.


Even in…


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Top Reasons To Start Buying Your Eyewear Online

There are countless ways to purchase new eyewear. This is true whether you rely on corrective lenses or simply like having a nice pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright rays of the sun. Although there are a number of reputable, local stores that offer eyeglasses, you will usually find the largest selection of eyeglass styles and designs online. More importantly, you'll find that web-based sellers tend to have the most competitive prices as well.…


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