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Why you should Consider a Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Although the more traditional crystal-clear diamond stones have long been the more common choice for engagement rings, coloured stones are now making their own bid, and many soon-to-be engaged individuals are listening. With a number of high profile coloured stone engagement ring choices over recent years, popularity in beautiful gemstone rings has surged beyond belief.

However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it, or even simply follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and other…


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A Bride’s Guide to Surviving the Week Before the Big Day

The big day is just one week out. Your wedding plan book is falling apart with all of the double and triple checking you’ve been doing. Let these last minute tips give you some insight into what your final week should look like before you say “I do!”

The Clothes

Now is the time to go pick up your tux and gown for the wedding day. Make sure you and the…


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5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford on your Wedding Day

Every bride who’s already had her big day will tell you that, regardless of all the small glitches and even unexpected turns of events, it was still the most magical day of her life. Well, this one goes for all the brides-to-be. The best possible way to avoid these glitches and have a day as magical…


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Lingerie is a French word that is popularly used to describe erotic underwear of all varieties. In England, lingerie is typically worn by those looking to be provocative or sexy, however in France, the sole sentiment of lingerie is intimacy. In line with this, today we are going to provide five lessons in which all women in England could learn from the French, and these lessons are:…


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Wedding Flowers Symbolic Meaning

It’s no secret that every couple wants their wedding day to be special and beautiful: a day that will be remembered by both for years to come. After all, weddings are a time for reflections and traditions that help us centre on our unique relationships and commitments to one another. One…


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Top 5 Tips on Capturing Tender Family Wedding Photos

Weddings are fun, exciting, and full of emotions for everyone apart from the bride and groom, families and friends of the couple are overjoyed. Capturing these beautiful moments is not as easy as it looks for a photographer.


In the midst of the wedding frenzy, with so many people ready to give the photographer a tip on how to make the picture better makes their job more challenging. But, photographers can use some tips and tricks to take…


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Spring Wedding Myths That Holds You Back-Busted!

Spring is the most beautiful season associated with weddings and why not, it is the season of blooms, fresh produce, longer days and chilled cocktails that are ideal concoction for a fabulous wedding ceremony. While the spring wedding…


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10 Food Service Supplies You MUST Have For Your Backyard Wedding

June is almost here, and we know what that means:  weddings and other outdoor celebrations.


These days, many brides and grooms choose backyard weddings. They love having their nuptials in an intimate and beautiful setting, surrounded by their family and friends. The natural landscape provides the setting and allows the bride and groom to forego buying many items such as extra flowers and decorations.


“At-home, or backyard weddings…


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Top 6 Flower Girl Fashion Trends This 2018

Next to the bride, the flower girls easily capture the wedding attendees’ attention with their adorable flower girl dress and equally cute accessories and pint-sized shoes.

Here are our top six picks for the flower girl dress fashion trends that will surely overload your wedding ceremony with cuteness and fun.

  • Sashes – A colored sash for the little…

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9 Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired From Wedding Invitations

Wedding stylist and planners are the one who establish the key trends for wedding every year. Right from the wedding color schemes to wedding themes, wedding cards inspirations, and lot more. They also decide the most trending wedding dresses and this year; all the wedding dresses are supposed to match the online wedding invitations ideas. Check out our top 9 wedding dresses ideas that match the…


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5 Summer Dresses Forever Best Pick to Beat the Heat

Well, the summer is already all over us and we can’t resist but shop all the best summer special wears in this scorching heat. But have you got these chic garments in your wardrobe??? Here is the special guide to beat the heat this year. Catch with me to discover 5 best women dresses…


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Top Tips On Getting Your Hair Ready For Your Wedding Day

It has the potential to be the best day of your life and you want to look like a million dollars. Indeed, for most us, we have dreamed of our wedding day since we were a little girl. From the days that we picked flowers from the garden, pretended they were a bouquet and marched ourselves up and down the garden, we have been planning and daydreaming about the day that we get to be the belle of the ball; the beautiful bride as we marry our very own Prince Charming.

Of course, in those…


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A New Life: How to Find the Perfect First Home after Marriage

Before the vows are said and the honeymoon is over, it’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to settle down. Choosing your first home after you’re married is an important decision, considering this is the location where you’ll lay the foundation for the rest of your lives together. With so much at stake, here are a few tips for finding that perfect first…


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Main reasons to wear the Halo Hair Extensions

The thinking of the people that hair extensions are made only for the celebrities ischangedwith the passage of time. Nowadays, many people get the Hottie Hair Extensions for add up the volume and length into the hairs. Hairs are the most important part of the body which attract more peoples and enhance the looks of the person. Hottie Extensions is best for the peoples who have the problem of thin and short hairs. It is beneficial…


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